Who is Whosoda Inc?

Whosoda Inc produces inovative devices that help identify beverages.

The Can Marker

The Can Marker is a device that makes canned drink identification a snap. It works on all standard and wide mouth tabs, including Beer, Soda, Energy Drinks, basically any can with a tab that you can drink.

The Drink Ring

The Drink Ring is a device that makes bottled drink identification a squeez. It works on all bottled beverages, including Beer, Soda, Sports Drinks, and Water, basically any bottle with a screw on cap that you can drink. The Drink Ring can also be used as a Wine Charm! The Drink Ring uses the Can Markers as its identiyfing charm.

What can WhoSoda's Devices do for me?

There are many reasons to mark your beverages, here are a few that customers have told us were important to them.

Stop Wasting Expensive Drinks

Although there are no statistics kept for how much Soda, Water and Beer is wasted every year, We saw a need for our products. If WhoSoda's founders experiences are any indication, its a lot!
  • Every Beer Wasted costs $.60 - $2.00
  • Every Bottle of Water Wasted Costs $.20 - $1.00
  • Every Soda Wasted Costs $.20 - $1.00

These Costs can add up quickly. Our products are reusable hundreds of times and come with a lifetime guarantee. Imagine all of the savings, they practically pay for themselves!

Stop The Spread of Germs

How many times have you caught your kids drinking out of others drinks? How many times have you been at a party and set your drink down only to come back and not know which one is yours?

Here Are Some Diseases that could be transferred from shared drinks:
  • Strep Throat
  • The Flu
  • The Common Cold
  • Hepatitis B
  • Mononucleosis

How Do I use The Can Marker & The Drink Ring?

The Can Marker

Simply rotate The Can Marker 90 degrees from verticle snap the The Can Marker into the tab and rotate back to verticle. Enjoy your beverage. When your drink is done, simply rotate 90 degrees and unsnap. If you have an issue removing it push the circular part from behind. You are now ready to use The Can Marker on your new drink.

The Drink Ring

To use The Drink ring, remove the narrow side from the wide side and insert into the wide side evenly. Give it a squeeze and insert your The Can Marker. To remove remove The Can Marker and simply pull The Drink Ring apart.

Where Can I Buy The Can Marker & The Drink Ring?

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WhoSoda's products are proudly made in the United States.

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